November 21, 2010
The first deal I would like to share with you is a crowd pleaser. Photobucket
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None other than RueLaLa.

Here's the About Us from their site:

"Rue La La is an exciting new division of Retail Convergence, Inc., a portfolio of e-commerce companies leveraging a common technology platform, customer database, and management team to revolutionize online shopping.

We are people who love shopping. We are seasoned experts in the retail world who bring passion, experience, and a fresh perspective. We've built the connections required to negotiate private sale prices on some of the most sought after brands in fashion and home. And we have the exacting standards required to create and present our own carefully edited collections of premier brand looks in fashion and home.

We are people who love style, whether it's a well-delivered retort, a perfectly frothed cappuccino, or the star offering from a favorite runway designer.

Above all, we are people who love discovery. It's the unexpected that pleases us the most. Something new, different, whimsical. A fresh twist on a classic. A find that surpasses expectations and just begs to be shared.

(Oh, and we are people who think we can have it all at fabulous prices.)

Our dream is for Rue La La to become the place where your ooh la la moments spring forth at every turn, the spot where your desire for the exceptional is fulfilled every time, and the destination that you just can't wait to share.

We thought it was high time for a shopping revolution."

Of all the online sample sites RueLaLa is my top favorite because they have brands that are more you and I friendly. While it's great to see labels such as Salvatore Ferragamo on the other sites. Who can afford that? I can't. RueLaLa has brands such as L.A.M.B., Coach, Max and Cleo, Guess, etc. All at very affordable prices. A Max and Cleo dress for $39? yes, please!

Click HERE to join and start saving!

P.S. RueLaLa also has a iPhone shopping App. Convenient or dangerous? You decide.

Deals, Deals, Deals!

November 21, 2010
Who doesn't love a good deal?

I love finding good deals! Whether it be for shopping at the mall, at the grocery mart, shopping online, eating out. You name it!

I love a good deal! I'm undisputed coupon queen in my circle of friends and family; momentarily dethroned by my husband. :)

Here's a spot where I would love to share these deals with you making having fun and living life just a little bit cheaper.

Happy Saving!

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