Welcome to my site!

Here's a place that is everything food related. Cooking. Eating in. Eating out.

And I also love to find a good deal so I'll be sharing those with you as well!

I'm just starting this so please, feel welcome to let me know of any suggestions or things you wish to see!

The Blog will be where I will share all our cooking adventures. Photos and steps will probably be sparse until I get a hang of it.
Reviews will be where I share my objective/subjective review of restaurants we have been eating at.
Deals will be where I share a good deal. Because who doesn't love a good deal!?
Food Fotos will be where I share pictures of yummy eats by us and from restaurants. Who doesn't love a drool worthy image?
Recipes, often I cook from others recipes  but slightly altered. Please realize that the way my husband cook is not a traditional recipe. So I'll try my best to give you ingredients you used. But it won't be to the 1/2 a teaspoon!

Poke around and familiarize yourself! Stay a little while...